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I have been a licensed attorney since 1994, practicing in the areas of business law, estate planning, and real estate. I am a 1986 graduate of Northwestern University and obtained my law degree in 1994 from the DePaul University College of Law. I have served on the boards of local not-for-profit corporations, was the treasurer and president of the Woodstock Morning Rotary Club, and was the co-chair of the Chicago Bar Association Young Lawyers Section Corporate Law Committee. I live in Hebron with my wife Joanne and many, many critters, large and small.

Get to Know David

On our farm in Hebron we have horses, pigs, poultry, dogs, and cats. So, after spending the day helping my clients, I go home and play in the dirt! My passion on the farm is our horses. We have quite a few horses. There’s Leroy, a Half-Arabian who taught me how to ride. Leroy is very forward moving, so learning to ride on him was a challenge but turned out to be very helpful when I started riding other horses. He’s still my favorite horse to ride, especially to canter.


Then there’s Hercules, a Half-Arabian/Clydesdale crossbred. Hercules got his name from the winter storm that he was born during in January, 2014. He is our youngest horse and is the class clown – everything is a toy to him. Riding him is a challenge because he is not so forward moving; he is actually pretty lazy.

Kieron is a Percheron. He is trained to ride and drive (pull a vehicle). It’s quite an experience going from a Half-Arabian to a Percheron, as Kieron is a lot taller and wider than Leroy! Kieron also appeared in Folksgarten, a yet to be released short film made at our farm by some budding filmmakers. Unfortunately, the plan to have me ride him in a suit of armor for the movie didn’t work out, since I could barely see out of the helmet.


Cubbie is our old man – he was born in 1999. Cubbie is an Appendix Paint, which means that he is a cross between a Quarter Horse and a Thoroughbred, with paint markings. We don’t know a lot about Cubbie’s background, but when we got him he didn’t have a “whoa” – he would just keep on going when you asked him to stop! With some training he learned “whoa,” and he is Joanne’s favorite horse to ride.

Finally, there’s our Percherons Topaz and Ice-T. Topaz is Ice-T’s dam (horse-speak for mother). Topaz and Ice-T are gray, but gray Percheron horses are born black and get lighter throughout their lives. So, Topaz is mostly white now while Ice-T has a beautiful dappled gray coat. Ice-T is our tallest horse at 18.2 hands (that’s just over 6 feet tall at the base of the withers) and Topaz weighs about 1,950 pounds! Topaz and Ice-T are trained to drive, and Topaz drives in team with Kieron.


Joanne has a horse drawn carriage business called Dickens Carriages Company that Kieron, Topaz and Ice-T work for together with her partner’s horses, Molly and Sally. They have done parades, weddings, Quinceañeras, company picnics, and have even been hired by groups that want to look at their neighbors’ Christmas decorations from a horse drawn trolley complete with sleigh bells! If you’re interested in what Joanne and Dickens Carriages does, check out their website at dickenscarriages.com.

Then there are the pigs and poultry. Joanne is breeding Hereford pigs and peacocks, our chickens lay the most delicious farm fresh eggs, and we always have a farm raised turkey for Thanksgiving. Rounding out the menagerie are barn cats and large livestock guard dogs. The dogs – Polish Tatra Sheepdogs and a Great Pyrenees – work hard at keeping the coyotes away from the livestock.


Our law firm is located in Woodstock, Illinois.

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